With Determination to bring Thai Industries to World Class recognition and creating jobs for Thais as well as acquiring advanced technologies.

In 1987, Bangkadi Industrial Park Co., Ltd. was founded on 483 acres of land on Tivanon Road, Pathumthani province through a joint venture between Thai Toshiba and Mitsui Group with the goal of attracting foreign investment into Thailand with cooperation from Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI).

Bangkadi Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is the first private industrial park in Thailand, and has achieved success both in terms of quality and marketing. Bangkadi Industrial Park was chosen as an outstanding company and a good example of perfected Thai industry technologically, socially, and environmentally which has received warm welcome from foreign investors looking to expand their investments into this region.

Currently there are over 50 factories that have high levels of environmental management and labor unions, creating a better standard of living for the local community of over 20,000 people. Bangkadi Industrial Park has donated 1.58 acres of land complete with a building to the Federation of Thai Industries to establish Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT).

Background and Operation
Bangkadi Industrial Park is located at Tambon Bangkadi, Amphur Muang, Pathumthani province and consists of 483 acres of land which can be divided into 3 parts.

1. General Industry 75% (362 acres)
2. Residence and Commerce 9.5% (45 acres)
3. Public Utilities 15.5% (75 acres)

Known for his honesty and pioneering spirit, Dr.Korn’s outstanding attribute was his great love of Thailand and his devotion to the development of the country’s electrical and lighting industries.

Starting with his small backyard factory, Dr.Korn took his unwavering faith Thai people could manufacture quality electrical products in comparable standard and in place of reliance on imports, With diligence, creativity, and perseverance, Dr.Korn developed many cost effective techniques in manufacturing electrical products with international standards. In 1969, Dr.Korn and his wife Thanpuying Niramol started their joint venture in Thailand with Toshiba Corporation Japan, bringing foreign investment, technology, production knowledge, and international recognition to Thailand.

In 1987, another of Dr.Korn’s visions, Bangkadi Industrial Park was realized, attracting other countries to put their faith and locate their production based to Thailand, strengthening Thai industry even more.

Thanpuying was known for her honesty, her vision, system-atic approaches and quick thinking. As an entrepreneur, her attributes were the foundation of the development and progress of the conglomerate of companies under the "Toshiba" banner in Thailand, and also Bangkadi Industrial Park, both of which Thanpuying Niramol and her husband Dr.Korn built. Her deligence created innumerable jobs and opportunities for the Thai people.

In 1995, an overflowing deludge from the north caused a great flooding around Bangkadi Industrial Park. With her compassion and social conscience, Thanpuying niramol Suriyasat, led other companies in Bangkadi Industrial Park to devote all their strength and spirit to rectifying the disaster. The grievous situation was eventually relieved, much due to her heartfelt commitment and enduring support. To exemplify altruistic sacrifice and benevolent determination, this monument depicts her in active duty during the flood crisis. This commemorative sculture will be a monument of Persistence and Social Responsibility.

Corporate Name Bangkadi Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Shareholders Kalayarat Suriyasat
Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul
Kanit Muangkrachang
Kanok Suriyasat
Superlite N.K.S. Holding Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Fluorescent Lamp Co.,Ltd.

Business Line Land Development for Industrial Use
Utility Services
Engineering Services
Environmental Laboratory Services

Area 483 Acres
Founded September 11, 1987 Head Office 159 Moo 5 Tivanon Road, Bangkadi, Muang, Pathumthani, 12000
Tel +66 2 501 1364, 501 1582, 963 7181 Fax +66 2 501 1367
e-mail sujin@bangkadi.co.th

Capital THB 66,000,000